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How lots of times have you been told by a girlfriend that you simply were afraid of an emotional commitment? Nicely if this sounds familiar then you have landed within the suitable location. Let me tell you why.

What is meant by a fear of "emotional commitment"? Properly there are numerous interpretations of this so I'll mention a couple of. They center on the following:

1. A fear that you simply may be losing out on the "fun" the other guys are having by "playing the field".

2. A fear that you simply may well get bored with your partner right after some time.

3. A fear that you'll be saddled with responsibilities that go having a relationship and that will make life passion.

4. A fear which you will lose the freedom you presently enjoy to do what you would like whenever you would like.

5. A fear of becoming emotionally intimate with an additional person.

6. A fear of exposing your accurate self to yet another individual.

7. A fear of being rejected by your partner.

8. A fear of not becoming capable to reside up to all the responsibilities that a relationship demands.

9. A fear of confronting deep feelings of inadequacy.

10. A fear of having to "grow up" and grow to be a completely functioning adult, and so on.

For those who look at the list above you'll see that one word keeps reappearing. That word is just not a pretty one is it?

When you recognize what that word does to your self esteem, your self confidence, and your self worth you'll notice, if you are honest with your self that it truly is decreasing the overall good quality of one's life.

Now here I'm not advocating that you simply merely go and jump into any relationship merely to try and make your self feel far better. Rather I recommend that you simply create the emotional skills and attributes which will truly prepare you for a prosperous and fulfilling relationship.

Ultimately only this will make you really feel like an adult male who's mature, confident, courageous and of integrity.

Sad to say most men aren't socialized to be conscious of their own inner feelings or emotions. The common belief among numerous males is that emotions are a sign of weakness and are the domain of girls.

I beg to differ with that self destructive way of thinking.

Emotional awareness is, in my view, the single most important developmental skill that every single individual need to cultivate. Males on this planet have been completed a grave dis-service since they've not had this privilege.

As a outcome they've been left crippled, yes crippled, by this unfortunate practice. An inability to feel and discern one's inner emotional landscape has left males feeling terribly inadequate, vulnerable and handicapped

To be able to feel superior about themselves they have attempted to compensate for this by means of a lot of destructive and self destructive behaviors most of which manifest as a require for energy.

In the event you appear about on this planet you'll see how this require has only contributed towards the demise of the planet and everything on it. Much more so it's also deeply scarring the really men who perpetrate such acts. Sadly a lot of of them are so numb to what they're undertaking that they can not feel the consequences and hence can't quit themselves.

Is not it time that you simply as a man took the bull by the horns and stood up for the rights? Which is you emotional rights.

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